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Campbeltown had no less than 20 distilleries at the turn of the nineteenth century. Today there is a resurrection of the industry with the highly rated SPRINGBANK - (Mitchell Company) producing several expressions in a deeply seated Family owned traditional style. The still operates its own maltings using Islay peats. It also is able to create triple distilled editions; (The Hazelburn). This year the prospect of a new still, THE GLENGYLE (Mitchell Company) giving up its first expression, with the lesser known GLEN SCOTIA - (Lomond Company), will give us three stills operating in Campbeltown.

Many factors led to the 1920's - 30's downturn in whisky production in Campletown. Prohibition in the United States didn't help the distilleries but much may be laid at the feet of the companies of the time, where the thought of easy money from the American market and poor choice of wood may have had a large amount to do with the "Campbeltown Failure". By 1930 only three distilleries had survived the crash. A disaster for this single industry town and its people.

However, out of the ashes the SPRINBANK survived under the leadership of the Mitchell family to become the distillery to maintain the very special Campbeltown tradition. Moreover, the original family, the Mitchells, still remain as owners. The family also make the LONGROW in limited editions. HAZELBURN is another innovation from this still being distilled 3 times, all bottlings are gloriously at 46%alc/vol or more. Non are chillfiltered and no colouring is added. GLENGYLE is the new still in the back lot which we have not had any bottlings from as yet.

GLEN SCOTIA owned by the Lomond Company has few expressions. It has recently moved from a 14 year old to a 16 year old expression but has become increasingly expensive for a 40% alc/vol dram.

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