Single Malt Scotch Whisky

At The Whisky Castle we offer a range of independent bottling’s, distillery bottling’s and specialist bottles. We also offer our own exclusive bottling’s which can only be sourced through The Whisky Castle.

Some prefer whiskies that are non-chill filtered and non-coloured. These are taken straight from the cask without any modern processing. Some are watered down to 50% abv and 46% abv from their natural cask strength. These whiskies are mainly 'Independently Bottled'. They are not part of the main stream World Market Whiskies, where branded names have to be modified to make them in to a standardised product. However, when distilleries release whiskies at 46% abv and above at cask strength, they are seldom chill-filtered. They are a rarity.

Chill-filtering enables a very clear whisky. Younger drams are particularly vulnerable to becoming cloudy (the oils, esters and molecular agents solidifying when the dram is cold) in cold temperatures or when ice is added. However, many blended and chill filtered whiskies offer great flavour and texture. The downside of chill-filtering beyond reducing smoothness through the oils being removed, is that long tail esters and some smaller ones are swept away into the fine filter papers. This flattens out the dram resulting in whisky where impact and flavour is lost. It may be argued that chill-filtering enables the blender in accomplishing a harmonised product but at the cost of losing smoothness and flavour.

At The Whisky Castle we offer many non-chill filtered whiskies which also have no added distillers’ caramel colouring. These natural, well selected, true to the cask whiskies are said to be of a higher quality but don't take our word for it, come to the Whisky Castle and try them for yourself!

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