Gordon & MacPhail

For over one hundred and twenty years Gordon and MacPhail have carefully matched spirit with oak. This interaction is the key point in the maturation process, where oak cradles spirit until it is ready to be released as single malt Scotch whisky. They have learned from their vast experience that the wood makes the whisky.Managing a portfolio of casks is a complex business. 

They have honed their expertise over generations allowing them to fully understand how the different styles of spirit produced by Scotland’s individual distilleries matures in casks. 

We can tap into the huge Gordon and MacPhail inventory that many whisky lovers throughout the world enjoy. We work closely with them, hand picking Scotland's finest single malts and single casks.

Benromach Distillery

They are happy to say that Benromach is a family-run distillery. And there’s a story behind why they make every drop of their whisky in the traditional handcrafted way. The story, starts generations ago. The family, the Urquharts of Elgin, have always been passionate about whisky. Their ancestor John began laying down casks of single malt at different distilleries in 1915, when everyone else was blending their whiskies. As a result, over the decades, the family has accumulated a remarkable private collection of extremely rare and beautiful aged single malts.

So when Gordon and MacPhail bought the mothballed distillery at Benromach in 1993, they knew they wanted to revive it in a very particular way. Backed by generations of expertise, they decided to recreate the lost taste of gorgeous old Speyside whisky: beautifully balanced with a touch of smoke.