Morrison & MacKay

Morrison and MacKay are Independent Scotch Whisky Merchants and Compounders (Producers) of the Finest Scottish Liqueurs. Based in the Heart of Perthshire and family owned and managed, they strive to provide the best that Scotland can offer in their products. The company has three generations of experience in Scotch Whisky creating an unrivaled passion for our national drink. 

Peter MacKay (picture right) works closely with us, selecting the best single cask bottlings and each year we are buying more casks from this renowned supplier of Scotch Single Malt Whisky. They have their own bottling and blending facility and a dedicated team create a quality of product and service that is unsurpassed.


Formerly known as The Scottish Liqueur Centre, Morrison & MacKay produces & markets a range of unique Scottish Liqueurs as well as bottling & blending the finest Scotch Whiskies.

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The new Aberargie Distillery

The Morrison family, which can trace its involvement in the whisky business back to the early 20th century, is now distilling single malt Scotch whisky at Aberargie distillery.  Located on the Morrison family’s 300-acre farm, seven miles south of Perth, the Lowlands distillery is described as a ‘barley to bottle’ operation set up to produce a rich, fruity and waxy style of whisky, with the occasional peated run.  Aberargie uses barley grown entirely on its own farms, and a variety – Golden Promise – that has not been used by the whisky industry for several years.

While malting is conducted by Simpsons in Berwick-upon-Tweed, all other aspects of the operation take place on site, including maturation, blending and bottling in the newly-built adjacent bottling plant belonging to sister company Morrison & Mackay.Aberargie distillery has the capacity to produce up to 750,000 litres of pure alcohol (lpa) each year, most of which will be destined for bottling as a single malt.