Lindores Abbey The Friar John Cor Chapter 2 'The Cask Strength Congregation Batch' Lowland Single Malt 60.9% 70cl

Lindores Abbey Distillery
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Lindores Abbey The Friar John Cor BATCH 2 'The Cask Strength Congregation Batch' Lowland Single Malt 60.9% 70cl

This John Corr Chapter 2 Single Malt is crafted from a selection of Bourbon, STR and Peated Rum Casks. 

Each batch is non chill filtered and bottled onsite at the batch strength of 60.9%. This results in a complex whisky with a syrupy fruity sweetness, balanced with deep earthy peated notes. Housed in a striking black bottle.

Lindores Abbey Distillery currently use the Laureate strain of barley grown on local farms whose fields surround the distillery and would have originally been abbey lands. We have three copper pot stills, one large wash still and two smaller spirit stills, which allows greater copper contact in the final distillation, creating a clean and delicate flavour in the spirit.

Fermentation is happening in traditional wooden washbacks, supplied by Joseph Brown of Dufftown.

The water for their whisky comes from a borehole near the distillery, in order that we can draw from the same supply used in 1494. The Abbey was fed by several wells such as the Abbots well, the Monks well, the Bluidy well and the Witches well.

In this age of sustainability and with the aim to cut their carbon footprint, their supply chain is becoming ever more local and allows them to support local businesses.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Mellow maple syrup, roasted banana, fruity dates, apples and spicy cinnamon, caramelised demerara sugar with subtle waves of earthy peat 

Palate: Rich fruity pears, roasted banana with spicy cinnamon, caramelised nutty almonds followed by a pleasant smoky earthy peat and subtle maritime notes. Very smooth velvety texture, well balanced and complex 

Finish: Long lasting with lots of character.

Lindores Abbey
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The Friar John Cor Chapter 2
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