Torabhaig The Legacy Series Chapter No: 3 Cnoc Na Moine Single Malt from the Isle of Skye 46% 70cl

Torabhaig Distillery
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Torabhaig The Legacy Series Cnoc Na Moine Single Malt from the Isle of Skye 46% 70cl

We have sought the true expression of Torabhaig and in doing so developed our own distinctive character, which is fast evolving into a distinctive signature style, a flavour profile we call ‘Well-Tempered Peat’. This distillery signature will be the foundation upon which we build that legacy, and we look forward to witnessing this style develop over our first three expressions to be released under the Legacy Series label.

Once you really start to study peated spirit, there’s a beguiling complexity that awaits, a seemingly endless depth to explore. That inimitable Scottish peat reek on fine spirit can seem so tangible and present, and yet so ephemeral and impossible to pin down and define. There is so much more to peat that can be captured in a linear chart or PPM values. There are many, many faces and moods to peat, there is a balance to be found between strength and refinement, between elegance and robustness.

The quest to find this balance has been our obsession ever since the first day we fired up our stills. Well-tempered peat is the best way we can express what we’re aiming for. And that’s one of the great things about Malt Whisky, especially the peated sort, there’s always something to surprise you, there’s always more to explore. This is heavy peat – tempered on the Isle of Skye.

Introducing the highly awaited third chapter in the Torabhaig Legacy Series, Cnoc Na Moine. A testament to our distillery’s continuous evolution and our unyielding commitment to craftsmanship, this expression ventures boldly into new territories with its debut use of sherry casks, elevating the complexity and richness of our peated single malt.

Cnoc Na Moine, translating to ‘hill of peat’ from Gaelic, embodies the essence of its namesake with a composition that mirrors the dramatic and untamed beauty of Skye. Matured in a distinctive combination of Bourbon American Oak, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez casks, this release marries the robust peatiness Torabhaig is renowned for with rich sherry notes, culminating in a darker, more profound hue.

Malt: Concerto and Anchor

Yeast: Pinnacle and Anchor

Maturation: Ex-Bourbon American Oak, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez casks

Spirit Phenols: 78.4 PPM

Whisky Phenols: 19.7 PPM

Bottling Strength: 46%

Non chill filtered and natural colour. 

Distillery Edition:
The Legacy Series Chapter 3
Distillery Name:
Cnoc Na Moine
Isle of Skye
Non Chill Filtered:
Natural Colour: