The Bailie Nicol Jarvie Blend of Old Scotch Whisky 40% 70cl

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The Bailie Nicol Jarvie is a Blend of Old Scotch Whisky.

Sole Proprietors Nicol Anderson & Co Ltd. Queen's Dock, Leith.

Ir was during the Boar War that this finest of whiskies 'The Malt Drinker's Blend' first grew to fame and has been enjoyed ever since.

Immortalised in Sir Walter Scott's 'ROB ROY', Nicol Jarvie, Rob's stout and faithful cousin, discharged himself with honour in the adventure of the Red Hot Poker. This elderly magistrate from Glasgow challenged by a wild highlander took up his sword only to find it rusted to its scabbard with disuse. Seizing a firebrand, he set his opponent's 'New Bonnie Plaid' alight. No harm was done but honour was satisfied. 

Rare old whiskies selected from the best distilleries in the Highlands, Lowlands and Islands of Scotland. All whiskies over 6 years oldcarefully matured , judiciously blended, quietly married, producing a silent and delicious whisky. 

This bottle is in good condition. 

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