Glenallachie Billy Walker 50th Anniversary Past, Present and Future Set x 3

Glenallachie Distillery
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Glenallachie Billy Walker 50th Anniversary Past, Present and Future Set x 3 bottles.

In celebration of Master Distiller Billy Walker’s half-century long career in the whisky industry, we are delighted to unveil the final bottling in The Past, Present and Future Series: The GlenAllachie 50th Anniversary Future Edition.

Billy Walker 50th Anniversary PAST EDITION 16 year old 100% Sherry Matured Speyside Single Malt 51.7% 70cl

This was the first edition in this series. This bottling represents Walker’s past when he made a name for himself by releasing heavily sherried expressions to great acclaim. A combination of nine 2005 vintage Spanish Sherry butts, this 100% Sherry matured malt is overflowing with rich espresso, heather honey, glazed figs and sweet spices.

Presented at natural cask strength of 57.1%, with no added colouring and non chill filtered for maximum flavour. Limited release of 4,000 bottles worldwide.

NOSE: Waves of walnuts, heather honey and subtle dried fruits, followed by bursts of toasted coffee, orange peel and cinnamon sticks.

TASTE: Lashings of fig syrup, caramelised muscovado sugar and roasted pine nuts with notes of heather honey, crystalised ginger and dried apricots.

Billy Walker 50th Anniversary PRESENT EDITION 16 year old Mizunara Virgin Oak Speyside Single Malt 48% 70cl

This was the second edition in this series. This rare expression illustrates Billy’s present, where he is avidly implementing an incredibly innovative cask management policy. After initial maturation in PX and Oloroso Sherry casks, the spirit enjoyed secondary aging in specially selected Mizunara casks, a very scarce and expensive species of Japanese oak. Notoriously difficult to cooper and prone to leaking, these casks are rarely used for whisky maturation. Although posing difficulties, their porous nature lends to the spirit sinking deeper into the wood, imparting complex notes of sandalwood and cinnamon.

Presented at 48%, with no added colour or chill filtration for maximum flavour. Limited release of 2,900 bottles worldwide.

NOSE: Bursting with dark chocolate, heather honey and grilled almonds, with hints of sandalwood, ginger, orange zest, caramelised pecans and coconut shavings.

TASTE: Waves of heather honey, cinnamon and crystalised ginger, followed by demerara sugar, dried dark berries, hazelnuts and fig syrup.

Billy Walker 50th Anniversary FUTURE EDITION Peated 4 year old Speyside Single Malt 60.2% 70cl

This was the third edition in this series. Not only is this 4-year-old single malt our first peated release, but also the first ever distillate produced under Billy Walker’s ownership of The GlenAllachie Distillery. Hinting at future endeavours, this expression has enjoyed a lengthy fermentation of 160 hours. The resulting ester-rich and fruity spirit was then matured in former Rye and Bourbon barrels, as well as some virgin oak casks. Made with mainland peat, this amber-hued spirit offers up a distinctively smoky yet sweet flavour profile bursting with sweet cinnamon apples alongside smouldering oak.

Presented at natural cask strength of 60.2%, with no added colour or chill filtration for maximum flavour. Limited release of 10,000 bottles worldwide.

NOSE: Bursting with honeycomb, dried fruits and hazelnut, with hints of smouldering oak, dark chocolate and warm cinnamon apples.

TASTE: Lashings of cinnamon stewed pears, toasted almonds, heather honey and pipe tobacco, followed by smoked barley, vanilla toffee and orchard fruits.

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Distillery Edition:
Billy Walker 50th Anniversary
Bottle 1:
PAST EDITION 16 y/o 100% Sherry Matured 51.7%
Bottle 2:
PRESENT EDITION 16 y/o Mizunara Virgin Oak 48%
Bottle 3:
FUTURE EDITION 4 y/o Peated 60.2%